• Gabriela Minstrel

    "Many things we need can wait, the child cannot.Right now is the time his bones are being made,his blood gains its color, and his senses develop.To him we cannot say tomorrow. HIS NAME IS TODAY"

  • Can You Sleep in Peace?

  • P Vijayan IPS

    "There is a police and a criminal in each one of us.
    If the circumstances are conducive nurturing and caring,
    the police takes command or else the criminal emerges! "


    Protection of our children is
    the collective responsibility of parents,
    teachers and society at large


    ORC is a solution-focused, cost effective
    and replicable model conducive to any setting


Our Responsibility to Children' (ORC) is a unique social experiment initiated in Kerala in 2010, to create a safe, nurturing, and just environment wherein vulnerable children involved, or at risk of getting involved, in harmful behaviour are brought to the mainstream, equipped and empowered with life skills, appropriate support, and knowledge to realize their full potential and become productive members of society. Over the past few years, ORC has dynamically proved that it is possible to address the issues of our children through a multisector approach involving various government agencies and civil society.

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District Resource Center

There will be an ORC Resource Centre in each district (DRC), which will take on a coordination and facilitating role for ORC activities at the district level. It will facilitate counseling, expert consultation, mentor-mentee interface, and skill acquisition programs. These Centres will provide facilities and appropriate and sufficient space for mentor-mentee or mentor-parents interface, counselling, expert consultation (medical or other special attention), relevant training, digital conference hall...

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Get Involved

Come, Let Us Join Hands To Construct A Better Tomorrow. Without your support, ORC's efforts will remain futile. ORC needs a strong and caring public-civil society-private partnership. ORC is on its forward foot in reaching out to caring and compassionate individuals and agencies to stand united in efforts to ensure that our children become the assets and very foundations of our society. There are a variety of ways that civil society members can contribute to ORC.

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