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ORC is a Non Governmental initiative formed to address the issue of rising socially deviant behaviour among adolescents. The pilot project ORC is being run in Calicut City. Our Responsibility to Children aims to achieve the objectives through massive involvement of people from various walks of life in Calicut City. A series of ....
To be the torch bearers in creating awareness and providing the knowhow to parents and teachers to be positive influencers of young minds and the society in general . To create a new generation of youngsters who are aware of right and wrong and the bad influences they would come across during their formative years.To train and .....
ORC aim to empower the community
Prevent socially deviant behaviour including criminal offences and illicit use of drugs among adolescents
Detect socially deviant behaviour early and to take corrective measures
Evaluate and socially rehabilitate young offenders
Facilitate the collaboration of various government departments like Police, Social Welfare and Education, various nongovernmental organisations and academic institutions in the above activities.

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"Ability Spotting" by Mr.
Muralidharan Paleri

14th Feb at IPM, 10am-1pm.: "Ability Spotting" by Mr. Muralidharan Paleri. SPG meeting at 2pm.Selection of Res .....
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Volunteers Workshop

Volunteers Workshop to be held at Institute of palliative medicine, Kozhikode on 21 and 22 July 2012, Those who .....

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Kozhikode City Police Call Center
8129 000 000
Child Line
0495 2725610


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