Our Responsibility to Children

The adolescent age itself is a volatile age with most of the children displaying change in attitude and behaviour.But if the changes are continual and getting out of hand, and seems to fall outside ones normal parenting skills ,you can approach ORC.Resource centres are being set up in all district head quarters.Parenting skills training,counselling ,and screening of the child to decide on the course of action for correction will be considered.

Parents,teachers and the society in which the child resides forms the primary group to give the necessary care and support to the child.If any person or situation in this safe zone poses

A risk for the child and that risk cannot be eliminated within the zone ,then ,any person directly or indirectly concerned about the child's welfare can approach us.ORC with its resource pool, trained and enabled to deal with the risk factors will take care of the child.The department of police, medicine, social welfare and education being part of this initiative,the support system is mighty and effective.

ORC is a government body functioning as part of the integrated child protection scheme of central govt.In kerala the initiative is being implemented by department of social welfare.As the project is driven by civil society participation,the delivery of services will be smooth,direct and transparent.There is no need to worry.

Project ORC is committed to the welfare of the child and confidentiality is a key component While providing service.

ORC is a volunteer driven initiative.Once you clearly understand the scope and nature of ORC activities you can decide where you can fit in.We are seeking the support of individuals as resource persons,experts and coordinators.There is a screening process which you have to undergo.At the same time any person who is passionate about the welfare of the child can be part of the initiate in creating awareness and general volunteering.

Volunteers at ORC comes from different walk of life.Skills training is given by ORC resource team.After attending training in,communication,dealing with the problems of adolescent youth,mentoring,parenting,addressing the risks faced by youth,and social empowerment,the volunteers undergo a screening process including capability assessments and background check.on successfully completing of the process the volunteer is given the mentor badge.

At the school level,disruptive behaviour,bullying,truancy,suicide and substance abuse are dealt with.On a larger scale ORC also deals with juvenile delinquency,and youth crime.

ORC now integrated into ICPS has developed a system of identifying children with behavioural issues at school level.Parents are free to communicate their concerns to the designated officials.The parents may also approach the centres directly and seek guidance.

No.ORC also functions for the overall welfare of the child.

No.ORC also functions for the overall welfare of the child.

You can approach ORC centre.After preliminary discussions the functionaries will help you with awareness creation and sensitising programs.If any risk factors are to be addressed ORC will mobilise the apt government machinery to deal with the situation.

As stated above,you can contact ORC centre for guidance.

Will ORC conduct the needs assessment and train residents in monitoring anti social activities and children at risk. Yes.It comes under the scope of ORC functions.

ORC will facilitate and mobilise the authorised government body to deal with the situation.

ORC is a resource initiative dealing with the issues of children and all necessary support and guidance within its scope will be given.