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I am extremely happy to let you know that, drawing from the experience of ORC experiments in different cities of the State, the Government of Kerala has decided to integrate project Our Responsibility to Children into its Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS).ORC will is now a key component of ICPS and will be implemented as a joint initiative of the Departments of Education, Social Justice, Health, Home, and Local Self Government in collaboration with like-minded civil society organizations and social activists . Under the overall umbrella of ICPS, ORC will strengthen its operations and mainstream its activities through schools in Kerala.

With a multispectral approach by engaging multiple stakeholders in a joint action, the initiative, ORC, I believe can dynamically demonstrate a solution focused approach to address the complex issues faced by our children. Parents, teachers and society in collective action supported by different agencies including professionals should be the unique characteristic of ORC

What we need now is your wholehearted support; Let us stand united to ensure that our children become the assets and very foundations of our society. There are a variety of ways that civil society members can contribute to ORC. The choice is yours. You can become a:

  • Volunteer mentor of the project
  • Professional expert advisor
  • Resource person
  • Resource Coordinator

Come; Let Us Join Hands To Construct A Better Tomorrow.

P Vijayan IPS