Solution focused approach

There is an urgent need to develop early interventions to reduce, if not eliminate, such risks. Strengthening and supplementing existing systems with effective programs to support children at the time of emotional crises, prevent socially deviant behavior, and rehabilitate those in need of care and protection or in conflict with the law has also been realized by many.

ORC works within a three-dimensional framework of prevention, protection, and participation. Briefly these are:

  • Prevention: Nipping deviant behaviour in the budthrough enhancing the collective responsibility of the parent, school, and society; improving skills of parents and school staff to appropriately address children at risk; and ensuring greater awareness and exposure to the world through better mentoring.
  • Protection: Supporting, mentoring, and and advocating on behalf of young offenders in the juvenile justice system;
  • Participation: Children are involved in constructive activities within their own school and home environment to realize their potential, understand their self-worth, and to engage with and in the outside world with confidence and integratiy.

ORC will operate at three levels - school, district, and state (Figure 1). The school will be the primary entry point for identification of the children and initiation of the program intervention. ORC will, however, also design appropriate interventions for childcare Institutions, operated by the Government and other NGOs. At the district level, ORC will be an integral part of District Child Protection Unit's institutional framework. In addition to the State Executive Committee, other state-level support staff and structures will include: (i) Nodal and Additional Nodal Officers; (ii) a State Action Group; (iii) a State Level Resource Centre; and a Pool of Volunteer Mentors, including some celebrities, willing to lead the team.

ORC will also maintain an effective and robust monitoring system.This will help to assess its efficiency and effectiveness in achieving objectives, and facilitate timely and needed adjustments in the overall strategy or in the implementation arrangement that may become necessary from time to time. Close monitoring will also ensure that ORC is fine-tuned to the specific social context in each district.